Cooling Comfort for Your Home - Residential Air Conditioners

Classic Air Conditioner provides a complete line of residential air conditioners for every size, budget or cooling requirement. We offer high-performance units at competitive pricing, and our history speaks for itself: low defect rates and long service life. We don’t want you having to replace your brand-new air conditioner any time soon, and we make sure of that by giving you nothing less than top-quality products.

Independent buyers, such as homeowners, are welcome to approach us. We want to open this lane for people who want to go straight to a manufacturer. We want you to be at peace with what you buy, and with the knowledge that you can come to us for any issue or inquiry about our products.

We’re also open for business with distributors and installers. If you’re looking to expand your inventory of residential air conditioning equipment, Classic is the ideal addition. Not only do our products have a low defect rate, our competitive prices will get you attention from all kinds of buyers.



With a low-profile design, independent dehumidification, and easy installation design, Classic’s cassette unit creates a comfortable atmosphere in any room.


Duct Fan Coils

Duct fan coil units are great for the ability to cool every room in your home, with ease. If this model fits your home, let us know about it so we can discuss what will deliver the best performance for your property.


Floor Ceiling

If ceiling placement is too much work, our floor ceiling is an excellent alternative. Its performance is faultless, and the inclusive features guarantee ease of use.


Mini Splits

Get any of our mini splits that meet your requirement of cooling individual rooms of your home. As a staple for most residences, we have made sure that each of our units performs reliably and meets your expectations.


Window Units

Our most basic model isn’t simply basic in its outstanding performance. You can count on its efficiency to keep your apartment or room cool, all the time.


Cool your home, the Classic way – you won’t regret it. We look forward to serving you!