Cool Your Business with Classic - Commercial Air Conditioners

Power and reliability are what you want with your commercial air conditioning units. Classic Air Conditioner provides this performance package with our products, whether it’s our cassette inverter, floor ceiling or freestanding air handlers. You won’t have to look further for an option that meets your value, cooling and service requirements.

For business owners, come to us if you’re on the lookout for a new or a replacement unit in your office. We want to be your first choice by merit and through our highly competitive (some might even call it aggressive) pricing. Each product has a price in accordance to its respective segment, so you don’t have to worry about spending excessively for a cooling unit.

If you are an installer or a contractor, Classic products will help you become even more competitive in your area. There’s nothing like having proven, value-oriented air conditioners in your supplies, as most owners are likely to buy the least expensive unit that delivers superior performance. That’s why our units hit the sweet spots, when it comes to what your customers need and want from an air conditioner.


Cassette Inverter

A cassette inverter is always an excellent choice for large rooms. It allows business owners to maximize floor space while still providing the optimum cooling level. You can count on our unit to perform at a high level, even with dense crowds.


Floor Ceiling

If you have floor space to spare, but need to hide the unit, a floor ceiling model allows you to do both things. Classic’s floor ceiling air conditioner is powerful provides more than sufficient cooling.

Whatever unit type you require, we have you commercial cooling needs covered! Get in touch with us, today.